14 Ingenious Folding Furniture Designs Which Are More Than Ideal For Small Spaces

In addition to careful planning of the space, especially when we live in a small space, it is crucial to devote a lot of attention to all furniture that we want to set, in order not to close and congest the space. Small spaces are perfect for experimentation because the lack of squares meters encourages creative solutions, and the selected furniture must be multifunctional, high-quality, practical, nice and attractive. Each saved centimeter of space means a lot to us because it allows us to create a translucent and purified home, in spite of the small dimensions.

Of course, there are a number of excellent examples of folding furniture which, after use, simply can be folded and tilted to the wall. But this kind of furniture have one disadvantage: such pieces are always visible in our interior, even when they do not physically bother us. On the other hand, by opting for folding furniture, we get, for ex. invisible worktops, hidden in the kitchen elements elements, which are both: elegant and practical! See our inspirational photo gallery below, and you will find many inspirational examples of folding furniture!


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