10 Planned Bunk Bed And Its Advantages

Very popular in children’s rooms or dormitories in clubs and farms, this type of bed has proved to be increasingly interesting for those who have little space at home and need functional and comfortable furniture daily.

And to help you choose the best bunk bed we have brought tips, information, and inspirations beyond useful. Check out:

Advantages of the planned bunk bed

Use of space

One of the biggest advantages of the bunk, without a doubt, is the use of space. After all, in an area where only one bed would fit, it is possible to place two or even three, in the case of models with an extra bed.

This is a big advantage in today’s smaller and smaller houses and apartments.

Extra storage

The current models of bunk beds are not just about the bed. On the contrary! Each day it has become very common to add extra storage spaces in the bunk beds, especially niches and drawers.

In some cases, the bunk bed can even be built into the wardrobe, making the bedroom design even more compact and functional.

Together, but apart

Young children often have difficulty sleeping alone, each in a room. But with the use of the bunk bed this process of getting used to sleeping alone becomes less traumatic and stressful since they will be alone in bed, but in each other’s company in the same room. 

Receptivity to guests

If you are always visiting at home, then you must have already thought about having a bunk bed.

This is one of the best ways to welcome those who arrive home since the furniture takes up less space and you can accommodate more than one person in the same room.

Allows new configurations

Nowadays it is possible to have bunk beds of various types and models, but the most interesting thing is that over time you can change the way of use, transforming the furniture.

For example, a bunk bed where the bottom is dedicated to the child’s toys may in the future become a study corner.

In the case of bunk beds on top of each other, it is possible to ungroup them and form single beds, either in the same room or in separate rooms.

Check out the following 10 bunk ideas planned for you to get inspired:












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