10 Marvelous Facades of Houses with Glass

The use of glass in residential projects has gained momentum in recent decades and is here to stay. Glazing helps integrate the exterior with the interiors of the home, and allows a more pleasing and fluid look to the outside.

Glazing can be used only in parts such as specific environments, windows, doors or covering much of the facade ensuring a modern and sophisticated look. Regarding the cost, ordinary masonry walls are more expensive than the use of glass because of the amount of materials involved.

As for privacy, it is possible to choose glass with films that do not allow outsiders to see what happens inside the house (especially during the day). For those who are more cautious about privacy, glass walls can be used indoors such as corridors and backyards, which do not appear to the street or neighbors. Look at this glass house then continue with scrolling for more inspiration!

1. House of Metal Structure and Facade of Green Glass

2. Geometric House with Glass Facade

3. Modern House with Glass Balcony

4. Wooden House with Glasses in the Room

5. White House with Green Glasses

6. House with Transparent Glasses

7. Dark House with Glasses

8. Wooden House with Green Glasses

9. White House with Glasses on the Facade

10. Wooden House with Smoke Windows


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