10 Inspiring Ideas of Geometric Carpets You Need ASAP

The geometric shapes are with everything. Stripes, triangles, circles, hexagons and squares make the party in today’s decorating projects. And if you also intend to play in this trend our tip is to bet on the geometric carpet.

Indispensable in any environment, rugs with geometric patterns, in addition to fulfilling their function as any other rug, still add a touch of style and unique personality.Want to know more about the geometric rug? So keep following this post to learn all about geometric rugs and how to insert them into the living room decor:

Patterns to choose from

One of the first reasons for you to stick to the idea of ​​geometric carpets is the huge variety of patterns and figures. You can choose from squares, circles, stripes, hexagons and the famous Chevron print, super modern and stylish.

In addition to the diversity of patterns, you can also determine the size of geometric figures. Some rugs carry large figures, while others carry small and discreet prints.

For any environment

The geometric rug fits in any room in the house, from the most classic places, such as the living room and dining room, to the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

One more point in favor of the geometric rug.

Fits any style

Super democratic, the geometric rug still fits in any decorating style, from the most modern to the most classic.

How to choose the geometric rug

Versatile and full of possibility, the geometric rug can be the great differential of your decoration. But to achieve this decorative asset it is important to pay attention to some details, otherwise it can go downhill.


Getting the size of the carpet right is already halfway, regardless of whether it is geometric or not. The tip here is always to provide the size of the carpet with the total area of ​​the room. This is because if the carpet is much smaller than the space where it is being placed, the environment will consequently be reduced and flattened, giving the feeling that it is smaller than it really is.

In living rooms, for example, it is important that the carpet covers the entire central region and is between 0.10 and 0.30 cm wider than the width of the sofa. Already in dining rooms, the carpet should be chosen slightly larger than the table, so that on the sides at least 0.50 cm. This “leftover” is important so that the chairs do not curl up on the carpet. Another tip is to combine the shape of the table with the shape of the carpet, is round table with round carpet, square table with square carpet and rectangular table with rectangular carpet. For rooms, it is recommended that the carpet cover the space under the bed, leaving at least 0.50 cm on the sides and front. 

Color and Pattern Combination

Combining the geometric rug with the rest of the decor may seem difficult, but it isn’t. The geometric print is very versatile and combines very well with different elements.

But to be sure, see the tips below:

  • Choose the geometric rug from the style of the environment. In modern and contemporary spaces, for example, triangular prints combined with strong and vivid colors are ideal. Triangles are also a good choice if you want to keep the mood more classic and sober, but in this case, opt for a mat of soft, neutral colors.
  • Triangles are also a great choice for children’s rooms, especially if they come with soft colors such as pastel colors.
  • For those who prefer a retro-influenced decor, circle rugs are the right choice. The circular shape gives movement and dynamism to decor, adding a lot of personality to the environment. Just be careful not to overload the rest of the decor, as the circles are already quite flashy.
  • Modern minimalists will find the perfect geometric rug pattern in stripes and Chevron, especially when they are combined with neutral shades such as white, black and gray. Another advantage of using stripes on carpets is that they have the ability to visually enlarge environments depending on the direction in which they are placed.

Did you write down any tips? Now just get inspired with 10 beautiful room designs decorated with geometric carpet!












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