Cool Coloured Rugs for Your Home

With the weather getting colder there is often a lot of emphasis on how to use warm colours to cosy your home, so as a polar opposite we thought we’d investigate colder colours. Now, these colours have a huge influence on the design world but what are they exactly? Well if we look at the classification of colours then it would be fair to say that cooler colours are green and blue as well as paler shades of purple and all shades of grey too. Of course it’s not quite as simple as that, in some instances different shades of a colour may be seen as either warm or cool, lets take green for example. An olive shade of green would be considered as a warm colour whereas the emerald would be seen as cool.

So what kind of effect do colder colours have when it comes to your interiors and home? Apparently colder colours are said to calm the nerves as well as introducing a relaxing atmosphere and stimulating your imagination. Colder colours are perfect for rooms that have a lot of sunlight as they can provide plenty of balance to the brightness, in contrast to this they also work really well in smaller, darker rooms as they can open up a space too.

Now, lets talk rugs.. starting out with one of the most popular cold colours; blue rugs. Lighter shades of blue such as denim and baby blue have proved to be big hits in the spring of 2017, something that we can see continuing as we head into 2018. Having a rug in this colour can help the room from becoming cluttered and restore some sort of harmony to your decor. The great thing about lighter blue rugs is that they’re not too overwhelming, they fit into any arrangement that you may have going on in the room, it also fits perfectly with the shabby chic look that is do popular at the moment.

Moving on, lets talk about the colour of 2017; Green. As with blue, green exudes calming vibes but apparently reflects of longing to be closer to nature as well as being a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Apparently applying the colour green in an environment will help you to concentrate and “be productive” – although it may take more than a rug for that!

You’ve heard of “Orange is the New Black” but what about grey? Currently taking the interior world by storm; grey is certainly a must-have. The beauty of having a rug in this colour is the sheer versatility that comes with it, it is guaranteed to match up with any style and can emphasise on any trend; whether that’s modern, minimalistic or even Scandinavian. But why is grey in such high demand lately? Grey can create a completely neutral space as well as adding a touch of elegance to a room. So what kind of rug should you use? Patterned grey rugs have seen a huge rise in popularity recently, the simple geometric patterns can appear as bot modern and traditional; depending on the space it is laid in.

If you have any more suggestions on how and where to use cold coloured rugs then why not leave us a message and some images!


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