10 Double Bedrooms with Dressing Rooms

In addition to versatile and super adaptable to different room models, the closet can still innovate in style, bringing options ranging from classic to modern in the blink of an eye.

One great advantage of the closet is the organization and practicality it offers relative to an ordinary wardrobe.Β In the closet, the couple has the opportunity to organize their clothes, accessories and other objects of personal use in a more airy way. It also ensures style and elegance, and not to mention that you have complete freedom to assemble the closet according to your tastes and preferences. With the trend and the increasing demand for real estate with this characteristic, having a closet in the bedroom ends up becoming an investment. Many people tend to find that a closet is expensive and inaccessible. But everything has changed since those days and now with all the modern materials solutions the cost has become very cheap and it’s now possible to invest in having a beautiful and functional closet.

Ideal Space

To have a functional closet and well organized, the tip is to reserve a minimum space of five square meters inside the room just for him.Β This measure is ideal to comfortably shelter the necessary shelves and maintain the circulation area in the space that should be at least 70 centimeters. Also, you should pay attention to the details like lighting, furniture, and decoration. These are the key parts of the closet.

Now go on and check out the selection we made of 10 double bedroom models with the dressing room.












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