Żorro – the Arc hero is coming in Poland by Franta Group

Project: Żorro
Architects: Franta Group
Location: Żory, Poland
Area: 61,569 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Franta Group

Żorro by Franta Group


Żorro was inspired by the basic principle of creating architecture, i.e. improving the functional, aesthetic and spatial standards found in a given place and context for future residents. Situated in the vicinity of the housing estate of prefabricated buildings, it is shaped by applying the principle of modifying the cubature of a typical building from that time and giving it uniqueness and architectural features of a “superhero” in its location that differs in quality and standard from the surroundings, creating a new model for further transformation district and this part of the city.


Żorro is shaped by copying and then recomposing a typical prefabricated housing building in the vicinity. There is a dynamic intersection of the rectangular, devoid of emotions and composition block of a typical prefabricated building made of large slabs, revealing in its raw and apathetic facade its true heart – the warm and soft interior of roof terraces and flowing gardens. Then he receives all the other attributes of the superhero: a cape of prefabricated reinforced concrete terraces introducing an additional huge usable space of apartments and a panoramic opening to the Beskids visible from the plot, a mask of balustrades and greenery obscuring the interior life in the building for residents ensuring comfort and freedom of use, and black color giving respect, class and the elegance of the future figure.


The building was designed in traditional technology with a reinforced concrete structure and brick walls. Prefabricated reinforced concrete terraces were used. The terraces and balconies are finished in natural plank and the façade is plastered in black. The building is equipped with economical heating technologies and high insulation parameters. High-quality wide windows have been designed.


The architectural studio was founded in 2010. by Maciej Franta. It designs architecture and urban planning of housing estates, public utility buildings and service-commercial buildings. Their projects have been awarded many times in competitions in Poland and in the world.

-Project description and images provided by Franta Group


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