Woorarra House by Rptecture Architects in the Yarra Valley, Australia

Project: Woorarra House
Rptecture Architects
Location: Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Australia
Area: 9.687 sf
Year: 2022
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Woorarra House by Rptecture Architects

Woorarra House in Yarra Valley by Rptecture Architects isn’t just a renovation, it’s a luxurious family retreat. This reimagined farmhouse retains its original charm while incorporating modern features like a central light-filled living space with a cathedral ceiling. Breathtaking views are a priority, achieved through expansive windows and a “modernized barn” concept. Sustainability is key too, with local materials and a focus on natural light minimizing environmental impact. This stunning blend of classic and contemporary design creates a healthy and harmonious haven for families.

The Woorarra House renovation project embarked on a journey to transform an existing farmhouse into a luxurious family retreat, blending the charm of the original structure with modern amenities. Located in the picturesque Yarra Valley, the design aimed to capture breathtaking vistas, harmonize with the surrounding wineries, and achieve a cohesive aesthetic. The central challenge was to balance the preservation of the traditional homestead feel with the integration of contemporary design elements.

Design Challenges

Our first challenge was retaining the existing building footprint, which necessitated creative design solutions. We approached the project by transforming the traditional homestead into an extravagant lifestyle property through a new typology. To achieve this, we focused on capturing the breathtaking vistas of the natural surroundings by employing the concept of a modernized barn with a portal frame inspired by traditional barn houses, forming an integral part of the design. The concept of a modernized barn was employed to create a space that was open, airy, and filled with natural light while still preserving its charm and character. The result was a picturesque property that was functional yet beautiful, a true masterpiece that exceeded our client’s expectations.

Sustainability Features

The sustainable ethos behind the design of Woorarra House was carefully executed through a combination of thoughtful material selection and passive design principles. The focus was on creating timeless spaces that will endure for generations to come, striking the perfect balance between contemporary and classic design elements. Emphasis was placed on supporting local businesses. Material selection was key to achieving this, with locally sourced natural stone for the exterior feature wall and timber flooring to minimize transport and associated costs. Steel Colorbond cladding was chosen for the exterior due to its durability and ability to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. To further enhance sustainability, the strategic orientation of the building prioritized the living, kitchen, and bedroom spaces to be situated facing north, allowing for maximum absorption of the morning and afternoon sun. The implementation of shading devices such as eaves and vertical louvers helps to minimize solar gain from the west, while skylights maximize the use of natural lighting within the interiors. The thoughtful consideration of these factors culminates in a residence that not only prioritizes sustainability but also promotes a healthy living environment.

Design Process

The Woorarra house features a central portal frame structure at its heart, drawing inspiration from the traditional barn house. Within this features a spacious open living room with a grand cathedral ceiling and an expansive glazed north face, offering spectacular views and abundant natural lighting. Seamlessly uniting the residence with its surroundings, a section of the veranda was intentionally opened up to usher in the landscape. The living rooms, kitchen, and bedrooms were strategically positioned to take advantage of the panoramic views, with the central theme of our design being to maintain a harmonious visual appeal. Natural stone was seamlessly integrated with Colorbond steel and a multitude of windows to ensure the property captures the majestic vistas. As a result, the Woorarra house embodies the perfect balance of form and function, effortlessly integrating with the natural environment to create a stunning and serene home.

Rptecture Architects


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