Wooden House with Facade of Reclaimed Wood by HOYT in The Netherlands

Project: Wooden House with Facade of Reclaimed Wood
Architects: HOYT Architecten
The Netherlands
Area: 3,767 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Jaro van Meerten

Wooden House with Facade of Reclaimed Wood by HOYT

HOYT Architects designed a wooden house with a facade made of reclaimed red cedar, referencing the historic wooden houses in the Dutch village of Broek in Waterland. The interior is mostly made of local pinewood, and the roof features the same tiles as the rest of the village. The ground floor is designed as a fluid space with different zones and functions, emphasizing the interaction between the interior and the surrounding open space. The garden features a small guesthouse and sauna.

The historic village of Broek in Waterland is known for its large wooden houses. These historic houses were built in the 17th century often by captains of the Dutch East Indies company, one of the world’s first multinationals. Originally the houses were painted in various colours but later economic decline made the people use just grey primer to paint and maintain the houses.

Nowadays the village is characterized by a large quantity of grey detached wooden houses. An important piece of cultural heritage and a tourist destination. Just on the edge of the village was an empty plot. Building regulations and beauty committees required an architecture taking into account the historical setting.HOYT Architects designed a house on this spot that both in scale, colour and material referred to de older wooden houses but had its own contemporary architecture.

HOYT tried to create a non-distinct look of an agricultural building common for this rural surrounding. The facade is built with reclaimed red cedar from a demolished building. The wood was removed from the other building, brushed and used again in the same width and length as in the previous building. Besides the environmental benefits, it has also immediately the typical patina of western red cedar. Also, the interior is largely made of local pinewood.

For the roof, HOYT used the same tiles as where used in the rest of the village referring to the historic character. The ground floor of the house is designed as liquid space overflowing in different zones and functions. The main theme is the interaction between the inner spaces and the vast open space outside. The view over the fields can be experienced throughout the house. In the garden HOYT designed a small guesthouse and sauna.

HOYT Architecten


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