Wooden decorations for an authentic and natural Christmas

By ecological choice or to add a supplement of the natural soul to the atmosphere, Christmas decorations rely on the stainless authenticity of wood. Natural atmosphere 100% guaranteed.

Why succumb to wooden Christmas decorations? 

To reconnect with nature, whether ethical or decorative, very bland plastic is giving up its place as the number one material used for Christmas decorations in favour of wood. Endowed with innumerable aesthetic advantages, its primary quality remains its uniqueness that stands the test of time. When it is solid, the grain and tones of the wood make it singular. The same naturally applies to the Christmas decorations it adorns. Wooden tree decorations and wooden housesChristmas balls in pine cones, bamboo suspension, Christmas wreaths in fir branches and just coloured figurines suggest more sustainable and natural festivities than ever.

Which wooden Christmas decoration to choose? 

Associated with Christmas decorations in wool, felt or porcelain, wood is not confined only to the Christmas tree and diffuses its recognizable aura among the entire house. If the starry suspension, the garland or the wooden ball signed Monoprix, Verbaudet or Kave Home are prepared to dress the tree, the wooden figurine in the shape of a reindeer stamped Habitat, mini wooden Christmas tree or even the Christmas wreath in Sostrene Grene coniferous branches can stand out everywhere. To hang from the tree, to put on a piece of furniture or to hang on the wall, for a Scandinavian, traditional or minimalist atmosphere, wooden Christmas decorations are essential.

Christmas balls, wreaths, small objects to pose or wooden garlands, here are the most beautiful decorations to shop for.  











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