Wonderful Penthouse With Sunny Terrace

Spring is the best time to enjoy the terraces and balconies during the central hours of the day, in a couple of months we will not be able to do it until the sun goes down.

Those who live in the south and on the Mediterranean coast know it well, to eat abroad the best times are now or at the end of autumn, as soon as June ends, they have to change lunches for dinners, because you cannot directly be on the terrace from the horrifying heat that X does).

Actually, the best thing about having a balcony or terrace is being able to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home, in each season we feel like one thing or another. When you don’t have it you miss it a lot and when you have it, believe us, it takes a lot of advantage.

Look how wonderful the terrace of this 63 m² Nordic penthouse, it is small and secluded, perfect for a small family or gathering, to enjoy a meal, a dinner or a coffee and a book, also beautiful views of the rooftops of the town.

The interior, with the kitchen open to the living room, is also very worthwhile, the whole room is very bright, with a lot of space to socialize and if in summer we can be on the terrace in the sun, imagine in winter inside with that stove on, great, right? ? What do you think? 








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