Winter Garden In the Room – How to Make & Decorate

What is the Winter Garden and What is it For?

The winter gardens are a small green space created inside the residences, flooding the environments with freshness, life, and warmth. The winter gardens also have the noble mission of transmitting peace, tranquility, and relaxation and, when used in the living room, they cause an even greater good, since this is the space of the house that is generally used for moments of rest and to welcome visits, causing a tremendous impression to break.

The concept of this type of garden appeared in European countries in the winter period. The low temperatures prevented people’s contact with nature and the only option to see and feel the green of the plants was to keep a protected and well-kept garden indoors.


In Brazil, this story has taken on so well that many projects already include a winter garden in the plant, with the difference that our tropical climate allows for some adaptations to the original model.
And do not be thinking that your room does not contain a winter garden, as it is possible to plan a green space even in the smallest of environments using pots instead of beds, for example.

It is also worth remembering that winter gardens can have a translucent ceiling to ensure good lighting. Some winter garden projects, however, remove the cover of the space further favoring the passage of light and even guaranteeing rainwater for the plants, however, in this case, it is important to have glass walls to protect the environment of splashing water, and of course, a great drainage system to prevent infiltration and flooding in the garden.

What Plants and Flowers to Use in the Winter Garden?


To have a winter garden at home it is important to choose a place that is well lit, this does not mean that you need direct sunlight. From the lighting, it is possible to begin to determine the type of plants that will compose the space. Most of the time, winter gardens that are in half shade demand species that appreciate this degree of luminosity, such as São Jorge’s sword- type foliage, palm trees, bamboo, singon, zamioculca, bromeliad, fernboalily of peace, and with me no one can, for example.

Winter gardens that are covered by direct sunlight, on the other hand, can bet on species with flowers and even small fruit trees, such as jabuticaba.

How to Make a Winter Garden for a Living Room

Define the exact space of the room that will receive the winter garden and evaluate if the plants will be placed on the floor, in a flower bed, or if they are exposed in pots. That done, define the species that best adapt to the environment. Then just let your creativity flow and decorate this space, which can also count on pillows, lanterns, futons, benches, water fountains, stones, and even a hammock.

Tip: you can choose to mix artificial plants with natural plants in the winter garden, especially if you do not have much time available for gardening, or even if you want a species of plant that does not adapt to the place available for the garden.

Check now a beautiful and passionate selection with these images of  a winter garden for the living room:












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