4 Astonishing Indoor Garden Spaces to Uplift the Spirit of Your Home

The trend of having indoor plant took over and grows even more! Finally, right? There is a good reason for it with a seemingly endless number of plants of different size, shape and color. They create and shape the ultimate indoor garden space as a fun and healthy challenge in your home.

We have pulled together 4 of the most astonishing indoor garden spaces to help you arrange your plants in a beautiful way. We know it will be inspirational for you, just keep scrolling.

1. The Breathing Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photography | Noortje Knulst

This home has been filled with plants, partly at the patio in the center and the rooftop terrace. As you can see the more plants have been placed inside has blurred the lines between indoors and out. The sense of relaxation that has been created is in-mensurable and makes the space more livingย  and air-purifying.

Plant Mix

In this space there are plantings of hardy ‘house plants’ such as Chinese windmill palm and a variety of garden plants. Inside, there has been well-chosen and unusual specimens that can be enjoyed from any angle without the space being entirely filled.

2. Sun Studio, Antwerp, Belgium

Photography | Birgitta Wolfgang/Sisters Agency

In this wonderful home the Scandinavian note is inevitable, since the interior designer has been living several years in Norway. The Art Nouveau and Scandinavian design elements such as the stained glass and the few plants in big, statement pots and the clustered groups that set the tone.

Plant Mix

The green house plants always look their best in light and sun-drenched interiors with attractive details.

3. Wall of Fame, Paris, France

Photography | Jan Verlinde

This contemporary home has an impressive double-height green wall and we are happy to see the wow factor that has been created here.

Plant Mix

The green wall is filled with plants that can grow freely and run as wild as they like. To be honest, it looks simply spectacular with the living tapestry focused on one central place that makes full use of the wall.

4. Green House, Baltimore, US

Photography | Hilton Carter

This is the greener part of Baltimore that has been turned into a luxury complex. Here lives filmmaker and producer Hilton Carter and his corner apartment provides plenty of room for his plants. He has a wide variety of specimens, 150 or so plants, all with their own needs.

Photography | Hilton Carter

Photography | Hilton Carter


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