Why is January the month of the White in France?

If the winter sales don’t start until January 11, then the month of White 2023 already started. Like a tree that can be predicted with accuracy, each year, various promotions appear on bedding and household products, such as mattresses, pillows, and bed linens. The right time to take advantage of these bargains is right after the holidays.

The month of the white is a French tradition that dates back 150 years. We tried to explain its origin and why it’s referred to as that.

A revolutionary marketing operation

The concept of the month of the white was originally created to promote one’s products during the holiday season. It was then modified to include a more political element. Aristide Boucicaut was a pioneer of modern commerce who was responsible for the Le Bon MarchΓ©.

In order to boost the sales of the store and fill the shelves with products that were already purchased after Christmas, Aristide decided to sell off his stocks of household goods. Although the operation was conducted in a white setting, it was actually baptized White Week.

The concept of the month of white was originally created to encourage women to consume more. If this had inspired the author of “Au Bonheur des Dames,” then it also helped pave the way for the concept of sales in other countries.


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