What You Should Know About Decorating a Small Condo

Buying a small condo is a great idea for singles and couples. They’re cheaper, closer to everything and they’re also easier to maintain. But to make the most out of your compact home, you have to know how to decorate it in such a way that it still looks and feels spacious.


Many people think that decorating a small condo means you need to only focus on functionality rather than aesthetics. But this is wrong on many levels. Even though you have very little space to work with, it doesn’t mean you have to just forego style. Here are some really easy to use tips for those who have just purchased their very first condos in Montreal.

Find the right balance


Of course, you also do not want to focus solely on appearance. It has to be the right balance of function and design. You want to create a space that is comfortable and at the same time efficient. Remember, you only have a few hundred square feet of living space. You have to design it wisely.

Delineate separate areas


Some designers insist that open concept living is the best approach for decorating small condos but it’s not always the case. For one, it can be overwhelming to the eye and can make your home look messy after awhile.

So what you can do is define separate areas in your home and give it a specific purpose. You can, for example, place a buffet between your dining area and kitchen. You can also place shoe racks, coat hanger, and even a purse hanger by the door so it serves several functions.

Choose dual or multi-purpose furniture


Every inch of space in your home counts so make the most of it. You can buy a sofa that can be turned into a bed at night or a couch that you can sit on while watching TV on weekends. We even saw a wardrobe that turns into a sauna.

Reorganize Unused Spaces


If you have been living in your condo for some time now, you may have overlooked some areas in your home and as a result, you’re not using your space in the most efficient way possible.

Look around and try to identify any dead spaces. If there’s a blank wall, perhaps you can place shelves there to make your things more organized.

Choose Subtle Shades


For small condos, it’s always a good idea to use a light colored palette to give the impression of space. Dark colors can make a room look smaller but light shades open it up. In addition, pick a single combination or theme for your entire condo so that everything is coordinated and visually interesting.



This is not going to be easy but it can really go a long way in keeping your small home clean, organized and spacious. At least once a year, make it a point to get rid of all the things you have not used for the entire year. You can sell them, give them to charity or throw them away. If you have a small space to work with then you do not have room for things you don’t need or use.

Do you have other ideas about how to decorate and organize your small condo or apartment? Please do share them in the comments section!


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