What Makes citizenM’s New York Hotel so Architecturally Appealing?

In April 2014 citizenM opened its very first hotel in Times Square, New York. If the location alone wasn’t enough to intrigue and attract visitors then its unique design, both inside and out, along with its mission to provide a modern and comfortable experience for guests certainly has.

With 230 rooms spread across 21 floors it’s not the largest hotel to be found in the Big Apple, but it’s a case of quality over quantity. Successfully bringing affordable luxury to the everyday traveller, whether on a business trip or vacation, it achieves this without compromising on style one bit. From its initial blueprints to the finishing touches, there are many elements which make the building an architectural success.

From the Outside


Located just off the corner of Broadway and 50th Street the citizenM New York hotel could easily be missed thanks to the countless towering skyscrapers surrounding it. Due to its dark black panelled side with the bright red citizenM logo and the smaller rooftop which makes it look like a giant bottle of classy perfume or brandy, this isn’t a problem though. Designed by Concrete Associates it displays their contemporary and individual style to the max.

Inviting Lower Levels

Aside from looking at images online, the main way many people view the hotel will be from the ground. For this reason a lower volume was installed in the open first floor which extends to the street, making it more inviting if you walk past. A garden at the rear of the hotel is hidden away but the double height and transparent first floor works well to connect the two.

Up High

All the individual window frames are pushed out to further express themselves. This gives the building character and separates it from the generic, dull office block types many modern hotels can fall into. The setback floors near the top were designed with daylight lines in mind, to allow sunlight to shine down, with the smaller rooftop put in place taking this into account too.


A large piece of coloured artwork underneath the logo expresses the cultural identity of citizenM. It stands out above the black panels on one side and wraps around to overlay some of the windows to the front, almost like a label. This large piece of artwork is likely to change in the future to keep it fresh and exciting.

Inside the Hotel


Anyone that has been drawn in by the outside will soon discover that the interior is just as appealing and even more detailed. Full of modern cultural elements that stick with citizenM’s brand makes it instantly familiar with guests who have visited their other hotels.

Stylish and Spacious

The living room area has been designed, as its name suggests, with a homely feel rather than the conservative lobbies present in many hotels. Full of colourful, contemporary artwork adorning the walls in the varied sized shelves adds to this, with pieces from Julian Opie and Andy Warhol. It’s the heightened ceiling and large panelled windows at the front and back which creates extra space and light that really makes it comfortable. Hanging lights in this area and the canteen complement the traditional wooden and brick aesthetics.

Rooftop Bar

Possibly the jewel in the hotel’s crown, the rooftop bar offers 360 degree panoramic views of New York, overlooking Central Park, Broadway and more. Designer couches inside make a great atmosphere for enjoying the city’s famous skyline while on the balcony you can feel part of the action. Large mirrors and windows increase the ambience.

The Rooms

Every room features a king size double bed and a wall sized window so guests can wake up to a stunning view of the city. It creates a futuristic style, with the white walls making it feel like you’re in your own special pod. Changeable lighting options help form the perfect atmosphere.

CitizenM’s new hotel is a prime example of effective and attractive modern architecture and design put to good use.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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