What is the essential object in your entrance?

Its popularity rating is undeniable and this discreet object even rises to the top of the collections of the moment. Decorative accessories with an invariable extra charm, the storage compartments capitalize on our needs for functionality, not without summoning a good dose of singularity. As comfortable in the office as in the entrance, this mobile container welcomes, like no other, what you don’t know where to store. Entrance tidychic trinketoriginal trinketdesign trinket or modern trinket, review in pictures of the most beautiful models.

A design pocket for the entrance

On a console in the entrance, placed in a corner of the living room, alone or combined with other accessories with high aesthetic potential, this object takes advantage of its pocket size to adapt to all situations. Flanked by practicality, the storage compartment has fun with its dimensions (small or large), its edges (pronounced or not), or even the lids that cover it (or not), ready to receive and contain keys, loose change, and metro tickets.

No longer confined solely to its usual role, the 2023 version of the empty-pocket features original shapes, striking chromatic splashes, and an attractive interplay of materials. The proof with our selection of the most beautiful pieces of the moment.


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