What is an Earthbag Structure?

You understand the effects we have on our environment, and you’ve made a conscious effort to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Perhaps you recycle paper and plastic goods so they may be re-used; drive a hybrid vehicle to lower carbon dioxide emissions; conserve energy by replacing lightbulbs with those that are more energy efficient; shop with totes instead of paper or plastic bags; or have installed solar panels to generate electricity with natural sunlight.

What if you think bigger? What if you constructed a home only using natural, eco-friendly materials in a cost-efficient manner? Too big? Take a step back and consider a new way to store your belongings in a sustainable container or storage facility that preserves the environment, protects future inhabitants and conserves common materials. Here’s a quick rundown on Earthbag Structures!

What is an Earthbag Structure?

First of all, this is not Mother Nature’s way of cursing you out. An Earthbag Structure is an emerging architectural design that resembles military forts built out of sandbags or adobe-style structures Native Americans sought shelter in desert areas.

Earthbag Structures begin with polypropylene (or other economic material) bags and are filled with dirt, gravel or other natural resources that are not subject to decomposition. The bags are then stacked like masonry and milled flat while barbed wire is intertwined between layers to ensure tensile strength and durability. Depending on the materials to compose the structure, the composition either insulates or provides thermal mass.  

Once the structure is complete, the exterior may be covered with plaster or stucco to reinforce its durability, weatherproof and disguise its interior to resemble structures of conventional architect and design.

Why Earthbag Structures?

Not only are Earthbag Structures eco-friendly, but they are also cost-efficient and built to protect against natural disasters and calamities. Earthbag Structures cut costs of materials because the natural resources are close by reducing the energy commonly associated with the construction and transportation of conventional elements, and protect diminishing forests.

Additionally, Earthbag Structures are cheaper per square foot to build than traditional facilities and provide long-term savings on heating and cooling due to its natural ability to insulate and provide thermal mass. Furthermore, due to its composition, these structures have proven to protect against floods, earthquakes, forceful winds, fires and extreme temperatures.

When considering building an Earthbag storage facility or other structure it is important to comply with local building codes and regulations. As Earthbag Structure awareness is boosted, more states, banks, and insurance companies are supporting those who build them.

Earthbag Structures is a transpiring architectural concept and design that recognizes the need to incorporate more eco-friendly practices and help energy conservationists further reduce their carbon footprint. It’s cost-efficiency, environmental awareness, and tensile durability which will spike Earth Structures’ popularity.

Think bigger. Think Earthbag Structures.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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