What are the trendy colors for Christmas 2022?

If the traditional red and green tandem is still being talked about this year, the bright, whimsical and uninhibited colours offer a remarkable boost. In addition, blue and white come in sophisticated tones, ready to add extra elegance to any decor, while the organic palette gently but surely imposes its irresistible naturalness. What colour for Christmas 2022? What is the colour of Christmas this year?

Organic colours for a natural Christmas 2022

In the wake already traced by the advent of a natural and racy palette, orange, terracotta colours and more broadly organic tones impose themselves with flamboyance in our Christmas decor, revising the traditional characteristics of the festivities. Combined with raw materials such as linen, wood and ceramic, these infinitely warm shades immediately propel the Christmas spirit into a highly contemporary dimension, seductive by definition. For a more singular atmosphere, we add a few touches of bright colours, ensuring a well-felt dynamism.

Deep blue for a sophisticated Christmas 2022

If blue and its variations are among the indestructible colours of a successful Christmas decoration, its charismatic variant, located at the crossroads of navy blue and midnight blue, imposes its alluring appearance, redrawing the contours of the festive table. Classic at first glance, it also knows how to reveal deeper, even striking finery. Chic without overdoing it, winter blue plays on contrasts with a sharp sense of twist. We like it quilted in white or gold, grey or silver.

Shades of white for a chic Christmas 2022

At the top of the list of shades to adopt for Christmas each year, white is no exception to the rule this season. An undeniable pledge of elegance, both fresh and sophisticated, it can illuminate the most prominent settings of the moment. With this talent for infallible association, white displays its timelessness in all tones in the house. White and gold Christmas decoration for a chic and controlled atmosphere, in a total look version suggesting minimalism with precision or a natural spirit when mixed with wooden accessories and fir branches, white compiles the arguments.

Red and green for traditional Christmas 2022

For Christmas 2022, the traditional red and green duo has not said its last word. Better, this duo with flawless authenticity manages to return to the front of the stage more galvanized than ever. Less kitsch than usual, these two-star colours for the end-of-year celebrations dress the tree, and the tables, but also the cushions and throws with a sharp taste for modernity, all in all, unprecedented. British-style two-tone tiles or melted into a contemporary Christmas decor, the red and green duo intends to make people talk about it again. 


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