Want to Try Urban Jungle Atmosphere in the Kitchen?

We don’t decorate the kitchen like we decorate the living room, for example. The main concern in the kitchen is the dirt that comes from cooking. Even if you don’t realize it, even if the hood is on every time you cook, even if you do the cleaning regularly. And that explains why in the kitchen, generally, there is a more sober decoration than in other rooms of the house. In the rest of this article, We suggest you discover how to create exotic style decor for the kitchen. You will see, it is an adequate decoration for this somewhat special living room.


We have already had the opportunity to write about plants, you can put them anywhere in the house, especially in the kitchen. They decorate discreetly and effectively and we can thus decorate spaces like the top of the fridge or the top of wall furniture. Plants also like the sun, so they find their place near the window for some, like that, even in the middle of winter, you can cook in a pleasant, bright and full of life. If you live in an apartment and you do not have a magnificent view of a beautiful garden, the plants near the window will bring you a dose of nature that is pleasant daily.


We said it in the intro, the kitchen is a room of the house a little special to decorate – not only because of the use which one makes it. It is a space where furniture has an important place. Even when you have a very small kitchen, you always have furniture in it, which takes up space. For a perfect kitchen decoration, it is important to harmonize your decorative desires with the furniture that is already in your room.
The Urban Jungle style is interesting because it adapts to many situations. Do you have gray kitchen furniture? It’s very good, the gray goes perfectly with the green of the plants. And we do not forget a touch of white for the brightness. Is your kitchen furniture white? Like gray, white, and green, it harmonizes without any problem. The green of indoor plants will give life to your furniture. Is your kitchen mainly made of wood? Once again, it matches! With wood, we stay in a natural atmosphere which will be reinforced by indoor plants. The essence of the wood in your kitchen does not need to be exotic for your living room to take on tropical tones.


Plants and kitchen furniture aren’t the only things you can mix to create an Urban Jungle kitchen. We can speak of the color green. Where to put green in the kitchen? If you want to add just a touch of color, you can imagine that your kitchen linen is printed with exotic patterns. If you feel motivated, we can also do some decoration work to put green in the kitchen: A splashback above the worktop with a nice green tiling. Pastel green if you like softness, chlorophyll green if you want to add temperament to your space, and enhance slightly bland furniture to your taste. If changing tiling is not imaginable, perhaps painting will be more in your projects. Even without painting all of the kitchen walls,
Green is not the only element that can be added to a kitchen to give it an Urban Jungle style. We can also think of wood. As I said above, it refers to nature and therefore this makes this material a perfect element for this type of kitchen decoration. Wood can be found in the form of a small shelf, for placing spices for example. Wood can also make up the table and chairs in the center of the kitchen. Why not trade 2 chairs for a bench that will be less bulky. The bench gives a small simple and countryside. Or, your worktop may be made of wood.



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Author: Renata Kralevska


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