Want To Decorate Your Home With Boho-Chic Style?

Do you know that decoration outside the box? Her name is boho-chic. Unpretentious than just her, the boho decor is cheerful, relaxed, and, at times, can even seem a little improvised (only not!).

And if you fit that style, then come and see this post with us. We brought many wonderful tips and inspirations, will you miss it?

What is the boho-chic style?

If you intend to decorate your home in a boho style, then it is important to know that this type of decoration is, in fact, much more associated with a way of life than with a decorative concept. The word boho comes from the French bohémien and, at that time, for more than centuries, it was used to refer to Roma people and travelers coming from Bohemia, region of the Czech Republic.

Later, the word came to be used to define artists, musicians, writers, and intellectuals who led a free, light, and loose life. Or, if you prefer, a bohemian life. Between the 60s and 70s, the boho concept reached hippies who soon appropriated the idea and ended up making their own contribution to the style.

But it was only a few years ago that the term boho also came to designate an aesthetic concept that started in fashion and later took root in interior design. Nowadays, as you may well imagine, the boho style has become popular in all corners of the world, especially thanks to apps like Instagram and Pinterest.

And the question that remains is: how to bring the boho style to the home decor? That’s right, we will tell you next, follow.

How to make a boho-chic decor: elements and characteristics

The boho style is warm, cozy, and inviting. Part of this style is also personality and originality since most of the objects in the boho decor are related to the life story of the residents of the house. Check out some more important and fundamental characteristics of this style below:

Plural and multicultural

The boho style draws from many sources. This means that he walks through different cultures and absorbs a little bit of each one. It is no wonder that African ethnic elements, for example, are so popular in this style. In addition to African culture, boho also brings influences from Arab, Indian, Japanese, and indigenous culture.

Cultural movements such as hippie and punk are another rich source for boho.

Own identity

The boho style has a lot of personalities and that is why it can end up being difficult to create such a decoration overnight. Often it takes patience to find the objects that best represent you and your lifestyle.

Another common feature of boho decor is the story told through it. It is there, between paintings and objects, that the lives of the residents are expressed and narrated. So take it easy!

Natural elements

The boho style highly values ​​nature and all the raw materials found in it. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see elements of wood, sisal, bamboo, stones, and clay in this type of decoration, for example.

Artisan appreciation

Another characteristic present in boho decoration is manual work. Handicrafts are highly valued here. If you like to do it yourself, then you already have one more good reason to join the boho style.

Boho style color palette

The boho decor is predominantly neutral at the base. In other words, large walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture almost always have light colors, such as white, straw, or even light wood. This causes the boho style to end up sometimes being confused with the Scandinavian style. The difference is in the use of colors in smaller objects. It may be that a pillow gets shades of purple, while the rug comes in vibrant shades of yellow and red.

Other colors widely used in the boho style are blue, yellow, red, and green in all their variations. Metallic tones such as gold and bronze are welcome. You can still bet on the use of earthy tones, such as mustard and terracotta, for example.

And when it comes to creating contrast, bet on black.


Candles are more than special items in boho decor. The light, heat and bring comfort and warmth to the environment. Don’t forget them!

Cushions and futons

For everything to be even better, spread cushions (many) and futons around the environments. In addition to contributing to the decoration, they also make the spaces more comfortable and inviting.


If you like the boho style, then you most likely love plants. It is practically impossible to separate the two. The only rule that exists here is that you appear in the decoration through your objects. Check out more than 50 ideas on how to decorate in boho style. Feel free to leave this passionate post.











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