9 Modern Boho Homes That Will Catch Your Sight

Boho style has made a lot of changes and has come a long way from its crystal, dream catcher and tie-dyed textile days. Today’s modern boho style is more into embracing the global style, eclecticism and unique finds to create a home with soul. Do you want to be part of the boho family? Embracing it doesn’t mean overhauling your existing interior completely, actually it allows you to inject a bit of boho style into any type of home. To add an element of eclecticism add retro, coastal, contemporary, country boho style because it’s more about collecting the pieces you love the most. So when you bring them together artfully you will achieve the marvelous look instead following the rules and the well-known formula for boho home.

We will get you some inspiration to help you create a bohemian retreat of your own, so here are 9 homes that embrace this free spirited style in their own unique way.


Photography | Maree Homer

This home breathes the bohemian style of a lady who lives that kind of relaxed life and is a true globetrotter. You can see the beautiful bright Boujaad vintage rugs, the African indigo textiles and handcrafted timber furniture collected on travels. All these pieces bring character and soul to the space to feel so vivid.


Photography | Bo Wong

If you thought that boho style always features clashing patterns and colors, you are wrong. In this bohemian room the wood paneling adds texture and tone against that pure white back-drop. Fantastic vibe, agree?


Interior Designer| Amelia Widell

Amelia Widell’s apartment is the best example on the new grown-up boho look. The pink sofa makes a bold statement and the vintage findings that has bee collected on her travels sweep the whole interior scene. They make contemporary furniture pieces that she is very happy to share alongside so many details.


Photography | Maree Homer

Again, the pieces bought from people’s travels are the focal point in almost every space. Here we have the same case, the wooden carvings, the knitted throws, the beautiful Danish sideboards and hand-drawn sketches make this room to look very soft and boho. Also the earthy tones and natural textures create a pared back boho vibe that looks fabulous.


Photography | Sharyn Cairns

Rustic furniture mixed with organic and tribal objects? Yes, we are here for this! All these elements make a coastal aesthetic that got us dreaming of beachy boho style home like this one.


Photography | Nikole Ramsay

This is the home where boho meats retro and actually gets along. Here, at this home the color and texture has been used to full effect in every room. Just imagine how fun it looks!


Photography | Derek Swalwell

Macrame = bohemian style, and it doesn’t surprise us to see the handmade macrame element featured on the wall. Also can you spot the Middle Isle and Moroccan pendant light that adds a powerful boho touch to the room? This is actually a modern Mediterranean home with such eclectic touch of boho style.


Photography | Maree Homer

Come on! Look at the pattern, look at the color that have made a total transformation to this 70s beach shack into a rustic & boho retreat. This home is already unique with this mix of styles, and this mix of salvaged, contemporary and vintage furniture makes it even more.


Photography | Lynden Foss

You want both earthy and elegant? Here is the perfect home for you though, resembling a beautiful example of combo of different styles. The final result is definitely magical if you ask us, with the woven textiles from Morocco and the rattan furniture pieces and modern art. This interior has created a colorful yet calming living space so it’s the perfect place to be.

Which one was your favorite?


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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