W270 House by Sao Paulo Arquitetos + Fabio Jorge Arquitetura in Brazil

Project: W270 House
Architects: São Paulo Arquitetos + Fabio Jorge Arquitetura
Location: Braganca Paulista, Brazil
Area: 10,494 sf
Photographs by: Pedro Kok

W270 House by Sao Paulo Arquitetos + Fabio Jorge Arquitetura

We’ve been going on about tropical interior designs in our tropical home showcase recently, but how about featuring a beautiful tropical contemporary residence set in Braganca Paulista, Brazil?
The W270 House designed and completed in a cooperation between two Brazilian studios São Paulo Arquitetos and Fabio Jorge Arquitetura has almost 10,500 square feet of living spaces to offer to its inhabitants. It has everything an exotic home needs and then some, so jump right in the photos.

The house was named W270 because of the site’s precise orientation in a westerly direction. This condition, coupled with a higher plot’s level from east, were the starting point for the lot organization.

The project sets off with two earthmovings; one, three meters above the street and where a recreation field is conformed. Six meters above the street, the second plateau defines the main level of the house.

In the middle of this main level, a quadrangle defines a place, a void, the heart of the house. This emptiness articulates the constructed bodies that ultimately generate the final configuration of the project. The place where all spaces for collective use are situated and where everything converges.

On the north, the pool and the volume that includes spa, sauna and home theater; on the south, in the longest bar, the suites; and in the east body the kitchens and other service facilities. These three stable bodies, protected according to what they host, receive a large metallic roof that marks the living, dining and veranda – three separated spaces that, for convenience, might become one single space.

This space extends to the deck and continues to the lawn and the wall that defines the upper plateau boundary. This is where you can enjoy the completely unobstructed view of the condominium, the beautiful geometry of the lake, the geomorphology of the fields and, at the end of the day, the sunset.

São Paulo Arquitetos + Fabio Jorge Arquitetura


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