Vitoria-Gasteiz Home by Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto in Spain

Project: Vitoria-Gasteiz Home
Architects: Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto
Location: Basque Country, Spain
Photographs by: Courtesy of Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto

Vitoria-Gasteiz Home by Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto

The Vitoria-Gasteiz Home is a contemporary private residence located in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, Spain. This luxurious dwelling was designed by Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto and it is characterized by a minimal exterior with a white facade with contrasting features.
Its monochrome interior gives it an air of peace and tranquility while also providing its residents with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Single-family home built essentially in the ground floor, leaving at the first floor only a little studio at the double height of the room and a guest room with bathroom.

The plot has a leaning slope towards the direction North South, so that the construction is located at the North of it, leaving as much space as possible in the South direction.

The project of the building obeys to a fragmented architecture, in a composition of several volumes, with flat or leaning roofs, depending on the direction and the spaces they cover.

The elevator, connected to the chimneys, formalizes the highest and slimmest volume for its functional necessities, which stands out by fitting around itself the rest of the volumes.

The building is covered by white limestone and black pre-patinated zinc at the leaning volumes.

The orientation of the day spaces is at midday and the night spaces at the orientation North and East.

The design of the building has been made following eco-design criteria. When writing the project, the environmental aspects have been evaluated and we have defined actions for the achievement of the goals, having checked their compliance afterwards.

The building conditioning is accomplished through a system of geothermal heat pump with a radiant and refreshing floor. It has mechanic ventilation with heat recovery, the gaps have solar protection with different characteristics depending on the orientation, and the materials used have sustainability certificates; most of them are recyclable.

Patxi Cortazar Arquitecto


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