Updated Bedrooms That Are Ready For The Cold

Do you have the bedroom prepared for the cold? With these 10 tips, your bedroom will be prepared to face the months with the lowest temperatures with elegance and warm touches.

The cold has fully entered our homes and in addition to lighting the fire in the fireplace or heating, our home, and specifically our bedroom, screams to condition it for these low temperatures. It is not about putting the Nordic on and forgetting, this space of the house is our haven of peace, our sanctuary and, as such, it deserves a change of look.

The main mistake we make when preparing our bed for the cold is that we focus only on the bedding: change of sheets, change of bedspread, and, in some cases, new mattress and pillows. But what about the rest of the bedroom elements?

Just like we dedicate a day to changing our wardrobe when a new season arrives, why not do the same with our bedroom? Some textiles and materials bring warmth to spaces, and some have been designed exclusively for the bedroom. It is proven that some materials and fabrics favor rest and make us feel like cotton wool.

The trends also play a key role in the development of our bedroom for winter. There comes a time when our headboard no longer covers our needs, that the tables have become obsolete or suddenly, we want to add a carpet to protect our feet from the cold.

Taking into account the latest novelties in bedroom decoration and the keys to adapt our bed for autumn-winter, these are the 10 tips to update our bedroom for the cold:

Natural Beds

Lovers of the most discreet and minimalist design opt for beds dressed in neutral colors, without prints. Combined with materials such as wood, cane, or cannage, they add some textures to add personality to the spaces through natural fiber rugs or cushions and blankets with overlapping fabrics.

Plaids or Thick Blankets

Any bedroom that wants to be cold-ready should have a fluffy blanket at the foot of the bed. The softer and thicker, the more comfort it provides.

Betting on plaids thick and soft wool. It will accompany you through many winters.

Velvet Cushions

If there is a fabric that is sweeping the design of cushions for the bedroom, it is undoubtedly velvet. Soft, warm, resistant, and tremendously versatile. This textile, which has never disappeared from the home, now appears in the form of cushions in striking plain colors that mixed with other printed designs, create super chic compositions.

The Cannage

In addition to being one of the star materials of recent seasons for creating furniture, it is an element that brings warmth to any space in the house, including the bedroom. The furniture cannage is lightweight, stylish, and works well with any decor.

Bedside Rugs

The rugs are the perfect complement to bring warmth to our bedroom from the ground. From the comfortable washable cotton rugs, through the most modern vinyl designs or the most traditional ones. Getting up and stepping on a warm rug is priceless.

Warm Colors

Autumn and winter are associated with warm tones, tan colors, and delicate prints. This year we do not stray from this chromatic range, highlighting one color above the rest: terracotta. A versatile shade that can be combined with most colors and patterns.

We can see it not only in the bedding but also in the upholstery of the headboard or some decorative elements such as tapestries, rugs, or paintings.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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