Unique Ideas With Shelves For Small Bathrooms

Shelves are the greatest allies to getting things organized in the bathroom. Not to mention that they can be pretty simple yet very stylish and decorative. They are available in all kinds of materials and finishes so it won’t be a problem for you to find the ones that best fit the style of the bathroom.

In this article today we will bring shelves for small bathrooms to gain some storage space.

A shelf under the mirror

A bathroom is a place where we put in order our personal stuff for daily care, such as brushes, lotions, daily routine bottles, perfumes etc. We accumulate a multitude of them, and if they are scattered on the sink or the countertop it will create an unpleasant feeling of disorder, and we don’t want that for sure! A shelf between the sink and the mirror can be the perfect solution. On this shelf, we can place everything that’s needed daily for us, without losing its trace or causing any disorder in the bathroom.

Wall topped by a shelf

In cases where suspended toilets have the cistern built into the wall, they need a double partition to deposit the water. So, the most common thing is to raise a low wall halfway up and just finish it off with a shelf. That shelf can serve as a place where you can place decorative elements or cleaning products. Also what you can do is take advantage of the wall and build a second shelf of the same length.

Shelf integrated into the washbasin cabinet

One thing you should keep in mind when it comes to small bathrooms is to avoid closed furniture. Instead of having closed furniture you can use the washbasin cabinet and have him completed with shelves, and you can order custom-made furniture measured to millimetres so that you can take advantage of the space in the washbasin cabinet. You will for sure achieve the feeling of visual spaciousness if you cover everything else in the bathroom with the same material.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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