Tricks To Style Headboards

Leather, natural fibers, upholstered to taste, wood, double, children’s… Headboards are ideal to decorate your bedroom and to be successful in the purchase you have to take into account some details that we explain in this article.

The headboard is one of those things that when you don’t have it you don’t realize it. However, once you have it … wow! How a bedroom with a headboard changes!  And not only in decoration but also in comfort. Because there are headboards made to support you, those are padded and upholstered with a soft fabric. But here we come to show you, in the gallery below, the incredible variety of headboards that there are, for all styles and sizes of bedrooms. Also, we give you some tips to make the right purchase of your headboard

– What to keep in mind?

Above all, the most important thing when buying a headboard is to think about what function you want it to fulfill: is it simply a decorative accessory? Am I looking for warmth or comfort? Am I one of the ones I always read in bed? Do I need to save space to store my things? In the gallery, you will see different proposals for each case.

– What styles are there?

The headboard can be individual or be part of the same bed frame. If you already have a bed and you want to get a nice headboard, you can buy it regardless of whether you have a bed with a trundle, drawers, raised from the floor, or even at ground level. 

Upholstered headboards are ideal for people who have a habit of reading in bed. You can lean directly on it or accompany the reading with a pillow. They are usually made of durable fibers and some have a removable cover, ideal for more comfortable washing. This type of headboard is also usually padded inside, so they are extra comfortable.

As if that weren’t enough, you also have headboards with extra backrests. That is to say, those that, on top of the upholstery or the base, have a pair of cushions as a backrest, either hung from the same structure of the headboard or hooked in another way.

The headboard can also be made of hard material, without being upholstered, such as wood. Trust us: you won’t hurt or hit yourself when moving. Remember that in most cases we sleep with a pillow and, therefore, we do not get to touch the headboard. If it is made of wood, the warmth in the bedroom will be guaranteed.

here are also headboards that come with the nightstands included, they are longer measures and a good idea if you want to make a custom headboard or if you have a lot of space in the bedroom. 

If you want to take advantage of space, you also have headboards with drawers or shelves.  If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is to integrate the style of your bedroom and not ‘waste’ space on a headboard, a highly applauded idea is that of a simulated headboard, with moldings on the wall (see the gallery). 

– How to calculate the correct measurement? 

It depends on the visual effect you are looking to achieve in your bedroom. For example, some prefer that the headboard be adjusted exactly to the size of their bed; Some people prefer it to stand out a lot above (high headboards) or from the sides (wide headboards). Keep in mind that bedding is always a bit bulky, so ideally, if for example, your bed is 150 cm wide, the standard headboard is 160-165 cm wide.

If you want your headboard to also cover the bedside table, you should make it wider, taking into account the size of the table. Another option is to extend the headboard to both sides of the wall, that is, to occupy the entire width of the bedroom. It is a very deco option and, in this case, it looks great as well as a low headboard.










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