Transform Your Space into a Haven of Organization with a Planned Closet

planned closet in an exclusive space can even look like something from a movie or from a great fashionista. It’s the ideal space for you to be able to put all your clothes in an organized and hygienic way, with the possibility of good air circulation, which, depending on the volume of clothes you have, is impossible in a conventional wardrobe!

But to get rid of this idea that only people with huge houses or apartments can have a separate place just for their clothes, we brought you a post with just ideas of planned closets.

Do a survey of what you have before anything else

Before getting in touch with an interior designer or designer to design your closet, make a survey of what you have to put in the closet: from the volume of coats, number of shoes of each type, pants, jewelry, accessories, etc.

This survey is important for you to have an overview of everything your planned closet should contain. You may also find that some items need special attention, such as a larger niche for coats, long dresses, and boots. This information is super important to collect before starting the project to avoid mistakes or an unsuccessful project!

Choose your style

Nowadays there are different styles of decoration that can be taken into the closet, such as a more classic, modern decoration or the trend of recent years, minimalism.

This style not only defines the type of design and cut of the cabinets and the coating but also how the closet will be configured in terms of space, lighting, doors (or lack thereof), handles, etc.

Use design solutions to your advantage!

Even for those who have little space or little budget for the project, there are some solutions proposed by the designers that are super simple, economical, and completely solve the problems.

After all, a planned closet, no matter how beautiful it is, also needs to be functional!

The shelves, for example, are the new darlings, along with the hooks that efficiently organize the environment and ensure that your clothes, accessories, and shoes are always at hand for a quick choice and an incredible look! You can see some more tips in our gallery below.

A super mirror to finish

This item cannot be forgotten! In addition to helping to put together a perfect look, mirrors are key pieces in small environments. That’s because mirror reflection helps to give the feeling that space is bigger than it really is.

Give preference to large mirrors, especially those that can occupy the entire ceiling height of the room.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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