Top 5 Best Looking High School Campuses in the World

Architecture is believed to have had some impact on learning. Professionals from custom research papers writing say that environments in which student learn from have a role to play on their performance. Good building design and architecture allowing greater mobility, outdoor views and natural light are believed to contribute to high performances in reading, math and in standardized tests among others.

Here are 5 best looking high school campuses in the world that have embraced contemporary eco-friendly architectural designs to provide students with a calm atmosphere for learning:

1. Inderkum High School – Sacramento, California

Located in Sacramento, California, Inderkum High School architectural design whose construction was done by 2004 was built for energy efficiency. It is an eco-friendly environment that makes use of photovoltaic panels for generating electricity. Other power solutions used in the school include radiant slab heating, geothermal ground loop system and low-velocity cooling displacement. The school comprises four academic pods that include a central glass atrium that houses earth science, chemistry, physics, biology and biotechnology laboratories. It is a beautiful sight believed to enhance learning for students.

2. Bertha von Suttner School – Vienna, Austria

The Bertha von Suttner School encompasses both elementary and lower secondary facility for learning covering learners between six and eighteen years of age living with psychological disorders, disabilities and behavioural issues. Located in southeast Vienna, Austria, the school is mainly of glass construction giving a bright and inviting appearance. There are special rooms with fiber optic light and waterbed features meant for relaxation. Some areas have sliding panels installed in the roof to control sunlight entering the building. Other features include a sloping roof that insulates against cold and cuts off noise coming from outside.

3. Nigel Peck Centre (Melbourne Grammar School) – Melbourne, Australia

This learning environment in Melbourne, Australia is both for day-scholars and school-boarders. The architecture design of the school that makes it outstanding includes several interconnected pavilions. The glazed facade makes it possible for members in the community to look inside and for students to see outside. The objective was to have an outward-focused environment of learning. These spacious views of the outside area allow students to connect their learning to the outside world. It helps them become independent.

4. Emidio Navarro Secondary School – Almada, Portugal

Emidio Navarro Secondary School based in Almada Portugal became one of the best looking high school campuses after receiving a major remodelling between 2008 and 2010. It was originally constructed in the 1950s. The new changes included computation technical rooms, laboratories, and various workshops among other features. Teacher’s offices and the auditorium are situated on the upper floor. Over and above that, there are sports facilities and recreational areas to the outside.

5. Fitzroy High School in Melbourne, Australia

Fitzroy High School is not only a fascinating learning environment for learners but also a beautiful landmark in the region. Interior sections of the school building can be apportioned using high curtains. The roof of the building is a flat design that can be used for outdoor learning. There is sufficient natural lighting and ventilation as well. 

Final Remarks

Scholars stress on the contribution that a learning environment makes towards the success of learners at school. For a student to excel in writing a weekly essay, there is more than what was taught in class that is needed – the surrounding environment.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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