Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin Hotel by Designist in Berlin, Germany

Project: Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin Hotel
Architects: Designist
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2021
Photographs by: Courtesy of Designist

Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin Hotel by Designist

Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin, located on Kleiststrasse Street connecting to Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, within walking distance of Europe’s first shopping mall KaDewe, was renovated by Designist with the influences of architecture and culture of Berlin.

Designist wanted to reflect the modern, masculine and robust stance of the city in the design of Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin Hotel. The public spaces of the building, which is close to the historical center of Berlin, were redesigned and renovated completely, whilst some furniture in the rooms was re-functioned. It is aimed to create an eclectic atmosphere by combining retro and modern styles that reflect Berlin. In the lobby, which is a small reception area, a welcome counter, a sitting area with a fireplace and a snack bar are planned, where hotel visitors can get snacks.

A more contemporary and powerful welcome counter was designed by using onyx stone, which has become the symbol of Titanic Hotel, in a different way, by mixing it with wood. A silky smoked wood core wall covering is applied behind the welcome counter, aiming for a warm welcome for visitors. While the office and suitcase room doors are hidden in the core wall with the same material, the other doors are leather covered and designed with portholes. The snack bar is specially designed for the hotel as a furniture that speaks the same language as the reception. All fixed furniture in public spaces were worked with ‘’Addo Furniture’’.

The bold “Ocean Blue” porcelain of the Italian brand ‘’Apavisa’’ is used on the floor. In the living area, wood-like ceramics has been applied to make it easy to use and add warmth. On the fireplace wall, ‘’Arte Wallpapers’’ brand green “Facet” wallpaper and different rows of bricks were applied. The brick wall is animated with cubist artworks reflecting Berlin. A warm sitting corner was created with the original seating elements of ‘’Adasan Furniture’’. With ‘’Dr.Light’’ brand lighting, the retro atmosphere desired to be created in the space is reinforced.

For reference to the lobby in the winter garden/bar area, which is accessed through the leather door in the lobby, ‘’Apavisa’’ branded “Ocean Blue” porcelain and terrazzo print ceramics are used together. The glass-detailed bar, which draws attention with its full stance and works as a showcase, was specially designed for this project. While a brass wine rack is considered above the bar, a revolving wine rack is applied above the counter. The wall of the bar is a duck green ‘’Gorbon’’ brand ceramic, and on the opposite wall above the sofa botanical-patterned ‘’Arte’’ wallpaper is applied. With the black metal ceiling, it was aimed both to add depth to the space and to create a structure that plants can wrap around. Rattan, leather and aged bronze detailed seating elements were also chosen from ‘’Adasan Furniture’’.

It is aimed to have a heavy atmosphere in the restaurant so that it can be used both during the day and at night with the bar. To refresh the low-ceilinged restaurant, a smoked mirror was applied on the wall facing the winter garden. Under the wall, which is animated with sconces, Forest Black Marble-covered, pistachio green, velvet cedar is designed. Sculptural, fluted brass metal detail leather cedar is designed in the middle. Mondrian smoked wood applied on the wall that divides the restaurant into two sections, to enhance the transition between the two sections also referring to the lobby. In the second area where the breakfast buffet is located, a high-backed tan leather ottoman area has been designed, and the neutral tables with lathe legs in the buffet have been specially produced for this place. Products of ‘’Kütahya Seramik’’ were preferred on the floor and applied by cutting in different sizes.

The room floors have been enlivened with wall paints and furniture, using the existing natural stone on the floor. A warm atmosphere is achieved in the elevator hall by covering the walls with natural oak and with the blinds of the ‘’Candaş Perde’’ brand. Dark navy blue carpet was used in the room floor corridors and was heated with picture frames of Berlin photographs and retro lighting by ‘’Dr.Light’’.

The dynamism of Berlin is reflected in the rooms with color plays and diagonally furnished parquet. While the concept of black lines, which rotate from one side to the other, is applied with stickers on the walls, it is continued in the whole place with a specially produced black line printed curtain. The London Art brand wallpaper was applied in a different way to define the newly renovated desk. In some of the rooms, the existing headboard was renovated by adding a leather backrest. Headboard wall sconces produced specifically for the project by ‘’Dr.Light’’ and a new look was given by cutting filmed glass on the existing nightstands.

Under the leadership of Aslı Arıkan Dayıoğlu, Designist plans to successfully complete Titanic Comfort Kurfuerstendamm Berlin, the 4th of the Titanic Hotel projects in Berlin, and meet the users in November.

-Project description and images provided by Designist


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