Tips To Save Space In a Small Bathroom

Measuring on average between 3 and 5 m 2, the bathroom occupies one of the smallest surfaces in the home, even though we spend between 20 and 30 minutes there every day. Space of well-being by definition, it is imperative to multiply the tricks to optimize the surface as well as possible. Here are all our tips for saving space in a small bathroom.

Choose small furniture to save space

In a small bathroom, it is essential to multiply the good storage. Furniture with suspended drawers, columns and other fine furniture is to be preferred to breathe a feeling of space into the room. Indeed, unlike cupboards with hinged doors which require a certain step back to open, drawers allow full opening when placed sideways. Cabinets with drawers also allow better organization and a larger storage volume in the bathroom than that classic cupboards.

Opt for an Italian shower

To optimize the space of a small bathroom, the shower imposes itself. Two possibilities: the shower corner with a sliding or inward-opening door or a walk-in shower with transparent walls. Because it touches the floor, this walk-in shower has many advantages, including giving the room an impression of space, offering great ease of access for children and people with reduced mobility and finally to be easy to maintain.

Install a sliding door in a small bathroom

Forget the swing door which requires clearance for the leaf when opening to access a small bathroom. Because it requires space, this type of door should be avoided. The sliding pocket door is the perfect alternative to win precisely. Very practical, this door retracts into the thickness of the partition, frees up space and facilitates circulation.

Bet on the right bathroom accessories

In a small bathroom, every square centimetre is counted. This is why it is necessary to multiply the tips on the storage side. Think of accessories such as tablets, cups and other small shelves… fixed directly to the edge of the mirror. This mirror system with a built-in shelf is very useful for placing care products in cramped rooms. Without forgetting, of course, the baskets and baskets which, in addition, add a little decorative note.


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