Choose the ideal sink for small bathroom

While planning, renovating or building from scratch, some elements can be overlooked. They can make a real difference in the final result of a decoration project and a good example is a sink for a small bathroom. This piece of everyday use is as fundamental to the environment’s functionality as it is to the aesthetics.

But, after all, how to choose the sink for a small bathroom?

There are some important details that you need to consider before choosing a small bathroom sink. But don’t worry, we’ve listed them all below, just take a look below:

Size and depth

It may seem silly, but it is super important to take measurements of the place where you intend to install the sink to ensure that it will be in the proportionate size of the room. This way you guarantee functionality and comfort when using the sink, in addition, of course, to a good aesthetic project. 

The width, length and depth of the sink should match the size of the bathroom. It cannot compromise or hinder the passage, nor limit access to people with disabilities, the elderly and children. In these cases, a personalized project is recommended, adapted to the special needs of each individual.


By default, most small bathroom sinks end up following the same style: white and ceramic. 

But do not need to be like that. You can dare and get out of this box. There are several sink colour options, whether ceramic or not, for you to choose according to the style you want to print in the bathroom. 

When in doubt, continue to bet on neutral colours, but that go beyond conventional white. You can choose a grey, black or even blue sink, which, even though it is a brighter colour, is not far from the idea of ​​a clean bathroom.

Remember that the bathroom sink is one of the most prominent elements of the environment and, therefore, it has an enormous capacity to influence the entire design project.


Ceramics, porcelain, porcelain, glass, copper, marble and granite are some of the materials that can be used to manufacture the sink for small bathrooms. All of them are tough, durable and waterproof. The biggest difference is in the price, texture and appearance they deliver to the environment.

Ceramic and porcelain, for example, are the most neutral and discreet options, marrying well with any style of decoration, especially the most modern and elegant. Marble and granite, on the other hand, because they have a striking texture, with veins and grains, gain greater strength and prominence in the decoration. Therefore, they must be used in harmony with the other elements.

Glass, in turn, is a clean and neutral material. Transparency makes it ideal for clean and modern projects and also for small environments, as it helps to bring the feeling of spaciousness. Finally, the copper sink, super charming and different, is a perfect option for those who want to create a bathroom with rustic or retro aesthetics. 

Bathroom style

The decorative style of the bathroom should also be taken into account when choosing the sink. The most modern ones have sink options in neutral colours and materials with a cleaner texture, such as ceramic and porcelain. 

Those who prefer a bathroom with a classic and refined touch can find the marble sink for small bathrooms the ideal option. The important thing is to always observe the other elements present in the environment and, thus, choose the sink that best fits the proposal of colours and materials that are being used. 

Get inspired by the following ideas before choosing yours:











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