Tips on How To Get The Woody Bathroom of Your Dream

Do bathroom and wood combine? Always, of course! A woody bathroom is a right bet for those looking to combine comfort and beauty in decor. And if you still have doubts about it, don’t worry. This post will clarify everything for you, check it out.

Where and how to apply wood in the bathroom

There are several ways to use wood in the bathroom. Everything will depend on the result you want to achieve. Here are some of the best applications for wood in the bathroom:


Can you use wooden floors in the bathroom? Yes, but with reservations. The wooden floor should be installed only in the dry areas of the bathroom, that is, nothing to place inside the shower box or near the bathtub, for example.

Ideally, this type of floor should be placed close to the sink counter and sanitary ware.


The bathroom walls can also receive wood panels. But here the tip is the same as the previous one: avoid using it in wet areas, such as the inside of the box. For small bathrooms, choose only one wall to cover with wood, so the environment is not visually heavy.


Bathroom furniture can also be made of wood, either solid or MDF.

Cabinets, shelves, niches, and cabinets can become the highlight of the environment. But remember to design them according to the style you want to print in the bathroom. For modern bathrooms, for example, prefer furniture with straight lines and medium and light colors. Rustic-style bathrooms, on the other hand, can bring darker tones and a more elaborate design.

Decorative details

If the money is short or you just don’t want to make major renovations at the moment, then one solution is to bet on a bathroom with woody details. These details can come in the mirror frame, in the set of pots, in a decorative tray, on a bench, among other options.

How to combine wood in the bathroom

Wood, whether solid or from alternative sources, combines with a wide variety of colors. But before choosing the palette that will be used think about the style you want to bring to the environment. A more classic bathroom with a clean aesthetic combines light wood and white tones. For a modern bathroom, the medium grayish wood looks amazing with shades between the arm, gray and black.

The rustic proposals can bet on the natural tone of the wood combined with a palette of earthy colors, such as mustard, burnt pink, or terracotta.

Here are 10 woody bathroom ideas to inspire your renovation:












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