Tips On How To Choose The Best Mirror If You Are in The Business Of Having a Beauty Salon

You can’t think of a beauty salon without a mirror, right? But how to choose the mirror for a beauty salon? For those who have a business of this type, choosing the right mirror makes all the difference in how customers will receive the services provided. 

Therefore, we have selected the below tips to help you choose the best mirror for your salon, as well as beautiful ideas to further inspire your decision. Check out.

How to choose a salon mirror


One of the first things you need to assess is the salon’s decorative style. That’s because there is a wide variety of mirrors available on the market and not all of them will fit the style of decoration you intend to use.  Round mirrors, for example, are classic and traditional, always closely related to retro-style decorations and those that are more romantic and feminine.  Rectangular mirrors are more modern, as they value straight and simple shapes.


The frame is another element that makes all the difference in the style of the mirror. That’s why it’s very important to be aware of it too. Mirrors with elaborate frames, such as Provencal or Venetian, fit perfectly in classic and elegant salons, as well as an interesting counterpoint in salons with contemporary aesthetics.

Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, are perfect for modern and elegant decorations, especially those that value a minimalist aesthetic. It is even worth mentioning that frameless mirrors are cheaper, helping those who want to save money on the beauty salon decoration project. Regarding colours, frames in neutral, white, black or woody colours are suitable for modern, elegant and classic salons. 

The coloured frames are ideal for retro-style salons or with a more laid-back and youthful decor.

Mirror lighting for beauty salon

Good lighting around the mirror is also important to ensure that the customer gets the best impression of the service performed. The lights enhance and enhance details that could easily go unnoticed under traditional lighting. 

The use of lighting in the beauty salon mirror is also essential for professionals who work with makeup since light interferes with the perception of colours and the effects caused by makeup. Nowadays it is possible to opt for mirrors with recessed lighting with LED strips, dressing room mirrors and even mirrors with side pendants.

Perfect size of the salon mirror

The beauty salon mirror needs to be large enough for the customer to be able to see themselves without difficulty while performing the service. It is also important to consider the distance between the chair and the mirror. Therefore, always opt for a salon mirror size between medium and large. 

This means that the mirror must be at least 0.90 centimetres wide by 1.5 meters high for a rectangular mirror, or even 0.90 centimetres in diameter for a round mirror.

Leave the smaller mirrors only to use as auxiliaries. This type of mirror, also known as a hand mirror, is used to reveal the cut to the client in more detail, including the back. 











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