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Cramped closets, things that get lost around the house, and you don’t have time to sort out all this mess. The solution for this nowadays is called personal organizer.

Do you know what this professional is and what he does? We tell you in detail in this post, come check it out.

Personal organizer tips for your home

How about now checking out some personal organizer tips that you can already put into practice at your home? Then write down:

View everything you have

One of the most important things in the organization is being able to visualize everything you have. To do this, start by emptying the cupboards. Place all objects on a surface (this could be a bed or a table) and then observe and analyze each one. 

Separate those you use often from those that are just being kept by a memory.

Unwind as much as possible

After reviewing each of the items, start asking yourself if they need to be there. 

If you feel like you no longer need them, donate. Make piles of what can be donated and what can no longer be used. Don’t be surprised if during this process you feel a surge of well-being and relief.

Categorize objects

The objects that will remain with you must be categorized by type and subtype. In the case of clothes, for example, separate winter and summer pieces and within these categories determine subcategories, such as coats and sweatpants. 

Organize it into stacks, so you can still see everything you own. Only after this step can the objects return to the closet.

Use boxes, baskets, and folders

To facilitate organization, be sure to use boxes, baskets, and folders. They serve to store various items, from personal hygiene items, such as creams and deodorants to underwear, including documents, photos, and souvenirs.


Standardization is another strong point when thinking about organizing the objects in the house. 

Use boxes of the same shape to facilitate, for example, the formation of piles. The use of hangers of the same color and model also keeps the closet visually more beautiful and functional.

Took it, kept it

Do you know that habit of taking an object and leaving it somewhere to store later? Don’t fall into this trap. The tendency is for objects to start accumulating and when you least expect it, it’s become chaos. So, whenever you take something, as soon as you finish using it, return it to the place. 

Your future self will thank you!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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