Tips For Setting Up The Perfect Reading Corner In Your Bedroom

Want to relax and unwind by reading a book? So the tip of this post is the reading corner in the bedroom. A space created exclusively for this purpose, where you or your children can enjoy reading even better.

Want to know how to make a reading corner in your bedroom? Keep following the post we tell you.

How to make a reading corner in the bedroom

Silence and quiet

For a pleasant and productive reading, it is very important to have a space free of noise and unwanted noises.

Therefore, prefer to make the reading corner in an area of ​​the room further away from the door, where the sound of people talking or the TV on in the living room does not disturb. 

Day and night lighting

You can’t think of a reading corner in the bedroom without good lighting. During the day, prioritize natural light. For this, the best thing to do is to position the reading corner near the window. 

At night, it is important to have an artificial light source. Pendant lamps are great for this, as they direct the light to the point you need to illuminate.

Armchairs, poufs, and pillows

The reading corner in the bedroom also needs to be cozy and comfortable, doesn’t it? For this, do not dispense with the use of armchairs to have adequate support for the back and neck. For your feet, have an ottoman, so you can also stretch your legs and be even more relaxed.

But if the idea is to set up a reading corner in the children’s room, then you can bet on pillows that allow the child to be more relaxed and comfortable. Futons are also welcome in this kind of reading corner. They are even great for small rooms, where you don’t have enough space for an armchair. 

A blanket to warm

A cold day, a good place to read a book…but to get good you’ll need a blanket. Always leave one available on the armchair or folded in a basket next to it.

Wool or crochet ones are super cozy, while microfiber ones are light and have a multitude of colors and prints to choose from.

Side tableWhat would the reading corner in the bedroom be without a side table? This small and simple piece of furniture is practically indispensable when reading.

This is where you can rest your glasses, a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine. Place it next to the armchair. The side table still serves to identify the installation location of the luminaire.

Cozy rugAnother element that contributes a lot to the feeling of comfort and well-being of the reading corner in the bedroom is the rug.

It warms and brings comfort to the feet. In the case of a reading corner in the children’s room, the rug can still be used for the child to sit and feel comfortable.

Shelves, niches, or cabinetReading corner needs books, right? And where to put them all? Tip number 1 is to invest in shelves. They organize, help with the decoration of space, and are perfect for small environments, as they save free floor space. In addition to them, you can use niches that have practically the same function as shelves.

But if you intend to keep the books tucked away and out of sight, then use overhead or floor cupboards, depending on the space you have available.

Decorate the reading cornerAfter all, of course, you can and should decorate and personalize the reading corner.

For this, use pictures and posters that have to do with the environment, plants, and different pillows, among other small treats that help make the corner even more special.

Check out these 9 reading corner ideas in the bedroom below to get inspired and do too:











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