Tips For Designing A Pretty Guest Room For The Holidays

It is not because the extra room is rarely occupied (during weekends or holidays) that we should not dwell on its decoration. So that your guests feel perfectly at home there, we shape a space for them in their image, while infusing it with personal touches, so that they feel properly welcomed in your home – and not in an impersonal and soulless. Guest bedroom in an office or guest bedroom in a small bedroom, no matter the size, there are multiple ways to make this dedicated room very comfortable. How to arrange a guest room? What bed for a bedroom friend? What colour in a guest room? Here are our answers in pictures. 

Properly light the guest room

As in your bedroom, the lighting in the guest bedroom is essential. It is necessary to facilitate circulation and install, if possible, a switch near the headboard so that your guests can turn off the main light once in bed. But the most important thing is to have bedside lamps so that your friends can read if they wish, and to create a cosy atmosphere. In addition to the bedside lamps, you can install a floor lamp in a corner of the room, to create a diffused light or opt for a designer pendant lamp, to be fixed above the bed for a bright and original decoration. 

Add storage spaces or a dressing room in the guest bedroom

Finally, even with friends passing through, even for a few days only, it is still necessary for a guest room to be able to put your clothes somewhere, or even to be able to put them away. Opt for a few chairs, which will act as a valet or for a trendy clothes rack with a few hangers. If you have a large enough guest room, don’t hesitate to add a pretty designer chest of drawers.

Bet on soft colours for the guest room

A good idea for the decoration of the guest room is to bet on neutral and rather soft colours, which will not attack the sensibilities of your guests. Thus, we can opt for white, timeless and all-purpose, or prefer the soothing aspect of grey, beige, taupe… We thus create a cosy bedroom, where your visitors will enjoy resting a little . . If we want to add a touch of colour, we bet on colours known to be soothing: pink, blue or green.

Create a lively and warm room for your friends

For the guest room to be as welcoming as possible, it must be brought to life. Your guests should be able to forget that this is a usually unoccupied room. For this, make sure that the room gives the impression of living and being inhabited. For example, create a library space where you will have a few books, as well as some current magazines. It will put your friends at ease and they will want to spend time in their room. The idea is to make them feel at home. Put some holiday memories on the wall, a beautiful painting or a poster. Place a few more mood candles to warm up the atmosphere and here is a warm and welcoming guest room!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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