Tips for decorating small kitchens: the result will amaze you!

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is an essential room in any home. However, it serves such specific functions that it can sometimes be the smallest room in the house. Therefore, those who have a small kitchen are looking for ways to decorate it properly and make the most of the space they have.

If this applies to you, you’ve come to the right place, because today we want to share with you a dozen tips for decorating small kitchens. Apply them to your home and you will be amazed at the result. Guaranteed!

Tips for decorating small kitchens

If there’s one key requirement for beautiful and effective decorating of small kitchens, it’s minimalism. Always analyze the space from the point of view that less is more here. Only stick to what is necessary and expedient because if you do this you will have plenty of livestock.

Apart from that, here are our tips:

Good lighting transmits the amplitude

Light can work wonders here. If you have a window, you’ll enjoy a major benefit because sunlight transmits amplitude. If not, try to have lamps, downlights and sconces that bring light to all corners and avoid leaving areas in shadow or semi-darkness. The countertop area in particular, as this is the ‘work area’ of the kitchen and is where you will appreciate being able to see clearly the most.

The meaning of colour

Choose light and neutral tones. Colours such as white, beige or light blue are bright and contribute to a spacious feeling of space. So, if possible, use them to decorate furniture, walls, and floors. And if you are afraid that the result will be a bit cold, you can compensate with wooden surfaces for the furniture, as they bring a certain warmth.

Intelligent and multifunctional furniture

When decorating small kitchens, the use of several pieces of furniture is allowed, provided that they are multifunctional and intelligently distributed. Opt for practicality, choose furniture that is easy to open, accessible and convenient to use. This will help you store all your specific essentials and access them whenever you need them.

Use an island as the centre of everything

A wonderful example of smart and functional furniture is an island known as an island. This is usually placed in the centre of the kitchen, accessible from all four sides, and can be used as a table, worktop, utensil shelf, etc. In fact, you can install a sink, a hob or a hob panel, depending on your needs.

If you choose a table, why not a foldable one?

A table can always be useful as a support so that your kitchen can also be a small dining room. But we are talking about a piece of furniture that usually takes up a lot of space, which is a disadvantage when furnishing a small kitchen. So, to solve this problem, you can use a foldable, modular or built-in one. This allows you to make the most of the square meters you have. Oh! And don’t forget to add some stools instead of chairs because they will be necessary and hardly take up any space.

If this is an open kitchen, consider installing a bar

A pole helps you to define the spaces clearly and at the same time offers you a huge world of possibilities. As in the case of the island, you can use it as a table or for other functions, e.g. as storage furniture, cooking area or sink.


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