Small Kitchens – Projects To Get Inspired From

The small kitchen is a trend in recent years due to the growth of smaller households. In this way, the integrated social environments make clear the change in the concept of cooking, transforming it into a fun and creative activity for the residents of the house. With the open kitchen proposal, this integration is evident, taking spatial breadth without the need to tear down walls.

Despite the integration, the decoration of these environments doesn’t need to be the same, after all, they are different functions and rooms that consequently allow a visual contrast. One of the options is to leave, for example, the room in a more neutral tone and the kitchen in reverse. To create visual continuity, just use the same floor, leaving the boundary with the plaster lining.

If on the one hand, the American kitchen tends to increase the feeling of space, on the other hand, the area for cupboards tends to decrease. With that, a good interior design is necessary to shelter the space beautifully and functionally, especially when using high stools in front of the American kitchen counter.

In small American kitchens it is worth abusing light colors to increase the feeling of space and brightness, or else use the dark color in few details to highlight the kitchen and give a sense of depth.

Give preference to functional decorative objects, since there is not much space, such as mixers, coffee makers, recipe books, spices, fruit bowls, and appliances that bring color and prominence without weighing the look of the kitchen.

Designing a small environment is a challenge! But with some research and inspiring projects, it is possible to plan the space in a more fun and functional way. Check out some ideas on how to decorate a small American kitchen:











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