Tips for Choosing the Right Retro Bedside Table

With the look of a grandma’s house, but with everything on top, the retro bedside table comes to prove how beautiful it is to have style.

Inspired by design classics from the 50s and 70s, the retro bedside table brings that vintage charm to the environment, adding an extra dose of comfort and warmth. And if you also love this style, come check out the tips and ideas that we brought about the retro bedside tables below. 

Retro bedside table: features and tips on how to use it

Stick feet

One of the biggest features of the retro nightstand is the stick feet. Yes, the same ones with a cylindrical appearance and fixed to the furniture with a certain degree of angulation, that is, they are not straight.

Stilt feet were a trend in post-war design, breaking the rigidity and linear forms of modernist design a bit. They brought a little more lightness and relaxation to the furniture, which did not take long to become a trend and mark an entire generation.

Colors that speak for themselves

You’ll also notice that the retro nightstand goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. They are usually colorful and vibrant, ranging from shades of red and orange to yellow and even turquoise blue. 

However, there are “more discreet” versions, in neutral colors that propose a retro aesthetic, but with a minimalist touch. 

Adornments and details

Retro-style furniture is also strongly marked by the adornments and details that make it up, whether from the Victorian era or the beginning of the 20th century.

Frames, boiserie, designed handles, and wood carvings, among other details, are usually seen in bedside tables of this style.

Vintage or retro: understand the difference

Vintage or retro? It is very worth clarifying this difference because it is large. The word “vintage” is used to describe objects that belonged to the past and are still in a state of use and conservation. That is, it is that dressing table or table that your grandmother used. 

Vintage, therefore, refers to the original objects of the time. Therefore, it is common for furniture prices of this type to be higher, due to the symbolic and historical value of the piece. 







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