Choosing the Coziest Wooden Bedside Table for This Winter

Year after year, the furniture in the house is reinvented all over again. But there is one that never disappears from the scene: the wooden bedside table.

This is a furnishing classic that never goes out of date. The table can be solid wood, rustic, retro style or with a fine and elaborate finish. You can count on drawers and even a door.

What is important is the functionality and striking presence of this small but indispensable piece of furniture.


Choose the bedside table also based on functionality. Some people have a lot to store and support by the bedside. Other people, however, see the furniture more as a decorative piece than a functional one. 

So, to understand what your relationship with the bedside table is, it is established by examining your habits.

For example, do you usually read at night before bed? So you’ll need a book stand and maybe glasses. 

Take your cell phone to bed? Make room for him, too. Glass of water, or a cup of tea, among other objects, depending on your routine, may also require extra space on the table. 

Decorative style

What decorative style predominates in your room? Is it more classic, modern, rustic or retro?

The classic style, for example, prioritizes tables with neutral colours in medium tones of wood, with well-defined shapes and almost always matching the head of the bed. 

A modern bedroom looks beautiful with a darker bedside table, in straight lines, or with a bolder design. For those who prefer the rustic style, the demolition wood bedside table is a great choice. 

How about getting inspired by different wooden bedside table models now? Come and see!











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