Tips For Choosing The Right Ceiling Shower

New developments do not stop in the world of architecture and interior design. And when it comes to the bathroom, the current trend title is the ceiling shower.

Original and modern, this type of shower transforms any project, but does it also work there in your home?

We answer everything for you in this post, come see.

What is a ceiling shower?

The ceiling shower, as you can imagine, is installed directly on the ceiling of the bathroom, unlike the vast majority of showers where installation is done on the wall.

But why opt for a ceiling shower?

Both the wall shower and the ceiling shower perfectly fulfill their main function: providing hot (or cold) water for bathing. So why opt for the roof model? Here are some reasons for this:

1. To go out common

One of the first reasons we can give you is, without a doubt, aesthetic. That’s because the overhead shower breaks with the pattern and what’s common.

When investing in a model of this type you get a modern, bold and original bathroom.

2. For a more comfortable shower

The overhead shower is not only beautiful, but it also has its functional qualities. In other words, your bath will be better with it. And do you know why? The pressure of the water jets from a ceiling shower is bigger and stronger, this makes the shower much more relaxing, pleasurable, and comfortable.

3. To make better use of the box area

Small bathrooms have a lot to gain with the overhead shower, after all, you don’t lose space inside the box, as with the wall shower, which ends up losing space between the pipe and the wall.

In these cases, the overhead shower makes the shower area feel larger.

4. To save on electricity bills

The showers are the big villains in the electricity bill, being responsible for a large part of the household’s electricity consumption. But if you choose the overhead shower, this won’t be a problem anymore, after all, this type of shower works only on solar energy or gas.

5. To facilitate installation

Installing an overhead shower is as simple as installing an overhead shower. At least you have nothing to worry about.

6. To have more options to choose from

The construction market offers several different models of ceiling showers. They vary in color (can be silver, gold, black, rosé gold, etc), in shape (square, rectangular, round, etc), in size, intensity, and variation of the jets, in the color therapy option and the installation mode, as they can be built-in or suspended by a tube.











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Author: Renata Kralevska

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