The Screen by DMOA Architects in Bierbeek, Belgium

Project: The Screen
Architects: DMOA Architects
Location: Bierbeek, Belgium
Area: 4,736 sq ft
Photographs by: Luc Roymans

The Screen by DMOA Architects

DMOA Architectsa Belgian based architecture studio, have designed The Screen – a contemporary house that is designed to maximize views of the beautiful sights from each space inside it. It is narrow, long and tall, this house sits on a stunning site that offers endless views of the lush, green landscape of Bierbeek in Belgium. Unfortunately, there is a trucking company right next to it, so it has to act as a screen that covers up the noise and views of its neighbor.

The living room of The Screen enjoys maximum views of the best part of the landscape thanks to the angle at which the posterior end of the residence is cut. The shape of the building naturally arose from the conditions, therefore it is very simple in design while the windows are large and consciously implanted in order to create a feeling that they frame the landscape.

A beautiful plot with endless views… but unfortunately next to a truckers company.
We placed a narrow, long and tall house on the far right of the parcel.
The building itself acts as a screen to cover up the unsightly, noisy neighbour.

The right side of the house has a blind facade, while the other side opens freely towards a large, sunny garden, where there is little evidence left of the fleet and accompanying roar. Or how everything falls into place by an atypical choice of implantation and volume …The head of the lengthy volume contains the garage and is closed towards the street. Above lie the children’s rooms, here the volume got a shift towards the left and a large window. This way, the children can marvel to the vista from their beds. Bonus: it gives a nice dynamic to the front elevation.The back end of the volume is cut at an angle and fully glazed. Doing so, the living room maximally enjoys the best part of the panorama.The shape of the house that thus naturally arose from the conditions, is strong in its simplicity.

DMOA Architects


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