The Rhythmic Frequency Bench by OKHA

“OKHA’s designs are an assembly of very few elements, a kind of visual Haiku, the fewest amount of syllables expressing the maximum possible.”– Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director

The South African studio OKHA has submitted another one of their sensational projects – the Frequency bench which was originally designed for the exclusive Cliffton Terraces project, however, you might recognize their name from a recent article in which we’ve showcased their fabulous work in the form of the Magnifico Table collection. Well, this time, you will have the chance to see yet another modern piece of furniture by this studio.

A solid timber bench, a deceptively simple design that utilizes opposing perspectives and surface contouring to create an expressive optical impact.
The opposing vertical and horizontal contours in conjunction with an interplay of angles create drama and a playful tension and the scooped relief work echoes rhythmic waves, a FREQUENCY.

Originally designed for an exclusive Clifton Terraces interior project, FREQUENCY bench is available in a range of standard and custom timber finishes.
Shown in solid Walnut, the FREQUENCY bench has sculpted ripples carved on either side of a smooth seat plateau which can also be tailored with a simply fitted padded seat.

-Product description and images provided by OKHA


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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