The Magnificent Magnifico Table Collection by OKHA Interiors

OKHA is a very prominent South African studio which specializes in furniture design such as their Carbon Collection that we’ve showcased on our site a while ago. Even though their area of expertise is in furniture design, the studio occasionally takes on an interior project to work on which you can easily see in the Clifton 301 project in Cape Town.
Designer Adam Court who is also the creative director at OKHA, has completed another set of stunning, or should I say magnificent tables. It is the Magnifico collection which consists of the Magnifico Coffee Table and the Magnifico side table.

These two tables have been expertly handcrafted as is to be expected from an artisan brand such as OKHA. The larger one is made from a Mars red “Flame Travertine” board while the smaller table is made of Magnifico Verde board. Both of these boards are paired with Larch timber legs that represent OKHA’s cosmopolitan, polyglot and multi-cultural South African charm.


Tags: coffee table, luxury, magnifico, modern, okha

Author: Fidan Jovanov


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