The Perfect Plants For Every Room In Your Home

Plants are everything. Whether they are indoor or outdoor plants, they do not fail. They bring freshness, well-being, and calm to any home. It does not matter if they are added in the bedroom, in that hall where guests are welcomed, or in the bathroom that invites you to relax. Plants are more than necessary! But do you know which one is the most suitable for each room? Keep reading very carefully and discover what type of indoor or outdoor plant each corner of your house needs.

The perfect plants for the hall

The plants that best adapt to the hall are the pothos, dracaenas, spatifilos, sansevierias, aglaonemas, and some more. If you also have good lighting, you can not miss flowering plants such as mimosas, orchids, or violets.

What if there is little light? You can opt for a plant like zamioculca or pilea. They are plants with flirty green leaves that dress the hall area. These plants are perfect for this area. Also, both the zamioculca and the pilea help to oxygenate the hall and do not need as much light.

Your living room asks for plants

The living room is one of the spaces with the highest traffic. Aperitifs with friends, movie nights with the family … The living room is the heart of any home. This room is where the life of your home takes place and, therefore, where we seek the greatest comfort. To do this, furniture such as sofas must be comfortable and practical for the whole family. Also textiles, tasty in winter and fresh in summer. But that well-being in the living room increases if plants are added.

Plants in the bathroom?

The answer is yes. Indeed, bathrooms usually have special conditions: low light and high humidity. However, some plants adapt very well to these conditions . One of the most popular plants is spathiphyllum. This plant can live in environments above 18º and also purifies the air. Other plants that are well adapted to bathing conditions include photos, aglaonema, philodendron, aloe vera, ferns, sansiviera, ivy, or even orchids. Orchids indeed need a little more light, although not direct.

Work zones in ‘green’ mode

Many hours are spent in the office and now more. For this reason, the study area must be well-conditionedWe have given you some recommendations so that you can set up your home office, either in a mini space in the living room or a room with a shared table. Although there are details that already make a difference in workspaces and make them more pleasant, there is nothing like adding a good plant. Plants bring warmth, naturalness, and joy to the office. Among the favorite and most suitable plants for this area are sansevieria, cacti, espatifilio, jade plant, monster, or aloe vera.

Fill the terrace with plants

There is no more beautiful porch that is not with plants. On the terraces you can add many types of plants, depending on a little on the meters. In open terraces with gardens, bougainvilleas, olive trees or rose bushes are very good. For potted plants both on large terraces and mini balconies, carnations, hydrangeas, daisies, even aromatic plants such as rosemary or thyme can be incorporated.


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