The Most Important Essentials for a Minimalist Living Room

The living room is very special in the house because it is the place of life par excellence, that where we meet every day, with family, sometimes with friends. And the fact that it is a place of life it can seem complicated to make it minimalist. And yet it is not impossible. Let’s see together what are the essentials to create a friendly and slow universe.

Generally in the living room, there are several spaces. Sometimes we have more spaces: like a library, a music space with a turntable, or even a place where the office is located.
Why become aware of spaces? Quite simply, because they will allow you to reach your minimalist ideal more easily. Almost every time, I invite you to sort your interior. For once, it is good to do it by space. And it is not just a question of sorting, we must also rethink each of these spaces. The library: is it necessary to keep all the books it contains? Are you going to read them again? Do you use it for work? On the sofa side, do you use all the cushions daily? Is it necessary to keep magazines on the coffee table when you have already read them? In short, I think that by interesting you space by space in your room, it will be easier to sort and put everything in its place. 

A living room must be comfortable. And many of us think so. So our minimalist approach does not exclude comfort. We’re not going to throw the sofa away because we want a clean space. Comfort is an essential quality of the living room – at least for me. And for you what is this essential?
From the moment you have defined the essence of your living room, it will be much easier to work to associate minimalist quality with this essence.
The cushions are great for taking a nap on the sofa, to relieve back pain, to have support for the arms to read comfortably, etc. In short, we hardly imagine a comfortable living room without cushions. On the other hand, do you need 6, 10 or even more cushions? Do you need a large cushion or a smaller one? Before even thinking about the decorative cover of your cushion, going back to basics will allow you to create an interior that suits you and meets your needs. When you have the right cushion that relieves your back after a day of work, you no longer need others.
This approach can be applied to all the objects of the show. 


The place of objects is not the only thing that matters in our case. There will also be a question of atmosphere, more than decoration. We were talking about comfort and conviviality and light has a role to play. Natural light is good for morale. Artificial light promotes comfort. It is essential to work these different types of lights in your living room. Speaking of artificial light, focus on functionality. If you read on the couch at night, a reading light can come in handy. If you like a subdued atmosphere to watch a movie, then a table lamp may be the solution. Objects are not the only elements that will play on the atmosphere of your room. Light is not to be taken lightly. Try it out, it’s the best way to find the balance that’s right for you.


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