The most beautiful wooden kitchen models discovered among kitchen designers

Dark wood, light wood, stained wood, and textured wood, in the overall look or in small touches, regardless of its appearance, the wooden kitchen is making a noticeable comeback indoors. An explanation for this enthusiasm? More than ever, consumers are in search of warmth and comfort, and the kitchen is no exception to this striking trend in the home furnishing industry. The kitchen, increasingly viewed as a multi-function living room, is decked out in wood with raw accents for an assumed rustic-chic effect that enhances the calming cocoon aspect the home demands.

Kitchen in oak, walnut, or elm: which model to choose?

In 2022, kitchen designers are finesse surfing this wood trend in the kitchen, designing decors where the rustic qualities of wood are reimagined through the modernity of the clean lines of the furniture. Oak kitchen, walnut kitchen, imitation wood kitchen: All woods and their many nuances are in demand behind the stoves. While the oak decor kitchen has long won consumers’ favour for its soft physiognomy that suits Scandinavian and country styles, the walnut, ebony and dark ash kitchens enrich the atmosphere with their darker character and charisma.

This beautiful parade of wood behind the stoves aims to renew the atmosphere. Solid wood mixes on the islands and on the worktops to create a supposedly raw esprit, the fronts in wood or melamine with a structured look exude a scent of effective authenticity that serves the discourse of a living and functional space and is not engraved in marble as before. The kitchen designers shine with their ability to carve out grooves and knots from the decor to reflect the expressive and natural side of the wood.

Take a look at these mesmerising wooden kitchens:











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