Advantages of Having A Wooden Kitchen

Ahhh the wooden kitchen! How many hearts would you give her? After all, this, for sure, is one of the most exciting cuisine options out there. Do you agree? But before venturing into the wooden kitchen it is important to know better what it has to offer, its advantages, possible disadvantages (not everything is perfect) and of course be inspired by beautiful projects.



Wood is one of the most timeless materials in existence. In other words, it never goes out of style and time is not a problem for her.

This makes the wood easily move between the most diverse decorative styles.

In a classic kitchen, for example, the wood has an impeccable polished finish. In a modern kitchen, however, wood can show the marks of time and natural wear without the slightest fear.

In detail or every project

Wood can be used in several ways in a kitchen. To compose details, it is perfect. In this case, the wood can be used as a countertop, counter, to create decorative elements and panels on the wall.

But if the intention is to make an entire kitchen out of wood, then the tip is to bet on cabinets entirely manufactured with the material.

Warmth and comfort

Wood has a very positive characteristic of adding comfort and warmth to projects. And when it comes to cooking, she is a master. A wooden kitchen makes everything more pleasant, more intimate, and with the look of a grandmother’s house.


Wood can only get through the years because it is extremely durable and resistant. And you don’t have to be in doubt about humidity. This is because when properly treated and cared for, wood resists very well the water splashes common in environments such as the kitchen.


Do you want another positive point for wood? Then write it down: it can be customized in several ways.

Wood accepts techniques such as decoupage, patina, and painting very well. So, when you get tired of the look of your wooden cabinet, just bet on one of these ideas and win a brand new piece of furniture.


There are several types of wood, from the darkest and most noble, such as ipe and oak, to the lightest, such as pine and eucalyptus.

This variety of shades is great to help you create an even more personalized project. The darker woods, for example, give a more sophisticated and classic look to the kitchens, while the light woods are more stripped and youthful.

Check now these 9 wooden kitchen ideas to inspire your project:











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