The Most Beautiful Country Houses You’ll Ever See

The country house is a place of refuge for those who like to rest and enjoy moments with family and friends. The projects of this type of residence merge with nature, so it is necessary to respect the surroundings so that there is a harmony with the existing landscaping.

The idea for this type of house is a project that brings warmth and tranquility, and can vary the style ranging from rustic to a modern or industrial model. The floor plan should contain wide-area environments – large-span windows enhance the look of the outdoor area and provide pleasant natural ventilation.

In decoration, the ideal is to prioritize simple furniture with a cozy layout. Rustic materials such as wood, bricks and natural stone floors are generally used in shades that contrast the environment. Make a composition with colorful foliage-patterned carpets and pillows to make the atmosphere feel pleasant. So, if you are into rustic design you already know what to do.

The materials of the facades may vary, the glass ensures visibility with the external landscape and favors the entry of sunlight. The details of the facade can be composed of stones, woods, straw, mud and bricks, focusing on the natural climate.

Check out the country homes that will change your mind over living out of the city.


Another example of a villa that takes advantage of its location and privacy to have a large glass wall that allows a wide view from the inside during the day and the other way around at night.


Despite having a modern interior, this residence has an elegant exterior combination with bricks and wood in the windows.


This is a project for country houses with modern architecture and using wood in the project, the slope allows to have a small room on the upper floor, as we see in the picture on the right.


One area that should be valued in a country house is the recreation and living area. It is no different for those who want to have a barbecue or a wood oven.


This project has a more rustic style in its exterior than the wood provides. The detail is the green color that was used in painting in some parts. The balcony is in the ideal location of the residence to overlook the lake. The cottages should take advantage of the natural attributes of the terrain in the positioning of the environments.


For those who are a fan of the striking rustic features, this project takes advantage of the attributes of wood to achieve this effect on the facade of the house, indoors and furniture. Stone flooring is also a great option to match this style.


A striking feature of this project is that it resembles a cabin. Wood was widely used in this flat roofed townhouse. Certainly this is a model that can be more economical in construction.


Another beautiful example of a house surrounded by greenery. The cabin style is balanced with the glass windows that allow wide view of the interior, which has balanced lighting.


This one is simply mesmerizing and the facade of the villa is with pivoting doors.


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